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Devotional Chanting + Cacao

Sunday June 23rd | 6pm - 7:30pm


Join Anna Argeropoulos, owner & yoga instructor at Moving Galaxy, to chant some of her favorite Sanskrit mantras with the accompaniment of the harmonium. This practice combines the magic of community, the tradition of knowledge transfer via repetition of chanted Sanskrit texts, and expressing our individual connection to the divine via song.


This practice is open to all levels and experiences, even if you think you can't sing (everyone can sing). You'll have "lyrics" provided for you, and freedom to join in, or just listen. You can expect the energy of this session to be grounded, thoughtful, and meditative - a bit different from what you may experience at a Kirtan.


Anna was introduced to chanting as a component of a yoga practice in her days as New Yorker, practicing in the Jivamukti tradition. She is honored to represent the South Asian yogic concepts of Shabda and Shruti - the luminous power of that which is spoken and heard.

Our devotional chanting will be accompanied with a mug of Ceremonial Cacao provided by Love Cafe.

Devotional Chanting + Cacao Sunday June 23rd | 6pm - 7:30pm

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