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meet love's owners

Kaleigh Atkinson, co-owner, operator, and visionary with 17 years of experience in the service industry across Milwaukee and Chicago, emerged from personal struggles in her early 20s. Battling suicidal ideation, atypical anorexia, depression, and anxiety, she found a transformative moment when an inner voice urged her to "use your pain for good." This inspired her to become a beacon of light, openly sharing her journey to help others facing similar challenges. Since 2007, she has practiced Ashtanga Yoga, she’s been a devoted student of Ayurveda, and is also a certified Ceremonial Cacao Facilitator. With a global footprint, she has co-hosted wellness retreats, led yoga classes, and contributed as a lead chef in various locations, including Costa Rica, Australia, Guatemala, New Mexico, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Co-Owner, Becky Campbell’s life took a transformative turn when she sought recovery in Oshkosh. It was during this period that she discovered Bhakti yoga, a practice rooted in love and devotion that profoundly impacted her life. Empowered by her own recovery journey, Becky earned certification as a Peer Recovery Specialist, focusing on aiding incarcerated individuals dealing with substance use at Winnebago County Jail. In addition, she’s spent eight years in the service industry, and is now in Milwaukee pursuing yoga teacher training, and she is enthusiastic about integrating and sharing her passions for wellness, recovery and connection within her community.

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